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Re: Trying Debian?

I´m now downing Kubuntu 5.10. (i386, DVD), to try that one out on my laptop.

I can translate the spanish ubuntu-on-acer guide on linux on laptops with babelfish, and go from there. Probably i need to recompile the kernel once or twice, and figure out the filesystem, but I probably need to do that anyways to get any linux distribution working.

I'll let you know how kububtu works out.


On 11/23/05, David Koski <david@kosmosisland.com> wrote:
On Wednesday 23 November 2005 10:49 am, marc wrote:
> Nate Bargmann said...
> Which is quite an adventure for someone "fairly new to Linux".

Although I am not new to Linux, installing Debian on my laptop was one of the
most challenging things I have done. Although I tried other flavors of Linux
just to be sure it was not about Debian. Issues I ran into with various
distros: no display, touch pad not working, keyboard not working. Of course
these problems prevent the install altogether. Forget Sarge/stable if you
have a newer laptop. However, you will probably be able to install Ubuntu
with the least problems. In fact, because my Debian install still has
glitches (such as lo will not come up on boot) I am probably going to do the


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