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Re: Trying Debian?

Nate Bargmann said...
> * marc <gmane@auxbuss.com> [2005 Nov 23 09:01 -0600]:
> > Johan van der Meer said...
> >  
> > > Is it, for someone fairly new to linux, feasable to install Debian on
> > > a laptop?
> > 
> > It's feasible, and likely to be an adventure.
> Or not much of an adventure at all, see below.
> > Also, be prepared to compile your own kernel and a few 
> > drivers/utilities. You might not need these, but don't be surprised if 
> > you do.
> I have an IBM T42.
> I used the Debian Netinstall image for Sarge and immediately bumped up
> to Unstable.  Configuring Xorg worked the first time, the built-in
> Ethernet adaptor worked at boot up, ACPI was detected, etc.  The WiFi
> adaptor is Atheros based supported by Madwifi.  Instructions on building
> the driver against the Debian kernel can be found at:
> http://www.marlow.dk/site.php/tech/madwifi
> Likewise, the modem can supported by Linuxant or the slmodem package
> (slmodem uses an ALSA module that seems broken on the T42's hardware). 
> Building these drivers did require installing the proper kernel source
> package and configuring it using the /boot/config* file for the running
> kernel, but did NOT require building a new kernel.

Which is quite an adventure for someone "fairly new to Linux".


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