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Re: Trying Debian?

Johan van der Meer wrote:

> I have both Knoppix and Kubuntu.
> Also i've tried CentOS, and it's the only distro that actually managed to
> install itself without hanging up the system. However the resolution can't
> be set right (to 1280x800).
> So now I'm really thinking of going with Debian (and go on the
> adventure...). I've heard from a friend (who is a sysadmin and a linux
> geek, and gave me Kubuntu and Knoppix) that Debian has the better software
> support and online community. Is that true?

Well neither one is quite Debian. (K)ubuntu is close enough to Debian though
that I still hang out on the same Debian groups I used to, and get advice
from them _and_ from the Ubuntu groups.

> Should I try out Kubuntu, or Knoppix? I have Kubuntu 5.04 and Knoppix 3.8

Knoppix is a live CD (Kubuntu could be too - it comes in both a live CD and
an install image), so pop it in, boot up and try it.

If you've got a tricky system that has only worked so far on CentOS, I'd
definitely go with Kubuntu rather than bare Debian.  However, the failure
to do 1280x800 is pretty simple to fix (OK, it took me a month to figure
out, but really, it's pretty simple!).

If you go with Kubuntu, and it doesn't do 1280x800 off the bat, post to   
kubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.com and we'll fix you up.

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