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Re: 16 mb problem

Am 2005-11-02 16:52:02, schrieb Matej Cepl:
> Sebastian Tennant wrote:
> > What are you on Matej?  Even if were worth considering, where can you find
> > a copy of Windows 98 easily?  You definitely can't download one!!!
> Did anybody actually tried to *work* with X-Window on 16MB RAM? And to run

No,  8-P

I have ONLY a Laptop Toshiba 486/DX50 with 12 MB of memory
which is now 13 years old :-)

It runs Woody with Linux 2.4.27, vga16fb and fvwm 2.5.12

Installation requires arround 1-5 days...

> some useful applications on that? I am not afraid that twm, icewm, fluxbox

Generaly I use only the console with mutt, ssh, zgv, ...

The fvwm is only for bad looking guys over my sholder!

Oh yes, I run LILO with a RLE-Image on boottime...
So I can choose "privatenet", "dhcp", "work", ...

Nobody beleave, tat it can be done with this crappy looking
OS  :-P  with endless scrolling textscreens....

> or guys like that wouldn't be able to run, but what could you do with them
> aside from running a plenty of xterms? OK, maybe some emacs. What the
> original poster planned to do with the laptop?

I have tried to run 'xterm' with 'mutt' on a 320x240 screen...

> And I have never suggested downloading Windows, of course -- there is always
> some old installation CD (or floppy drives) lying around ... and it maybe
> even legal, who knows? :-)

Yeah, it was once WfW 3.11 on my Laptop and working.
Unfortunatly I have not the PCMCIA-Drivers anymore...

> Matej


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