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Re: 16 mb problem

Matej Cepl wrote:

>Sebastian Tennant wrote:
>>What are you on Matej?  Even if were worth considering, where can you find
>>a copy of Windows 98 easily?  You definitely can't download one!!!
>Did anybody actually tried to *work* with X-Window on 16MB RAM? And to run
>some useful applications on that? I am not afraid that twm, icewm, fluxbox
>or guys like that wouldn't be able to run, but what could you do with them
>aside from running a plenty of xterms? OK, maybe some emacs. What the
>original poster planned to do with the laptop?
I still run a P75 laptop with 16MB RAM and wireless with X.
The window manager is flwm and use aterm to do mostly
text based remote access to mail and news etc.

it is achievable if you are realistic about what you want to do.



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