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Re: Wireless network card

El mié, 24-08-2005 a las 09:27 -0700, Alan Ianson escribió:
> Hello List,
> I would like to get wireless access working on my laptop, an hp pavilion 
> ze4400. When I bought the laptop it was running windows with a 3com 
> 3crshpw196 that was working, but now I have debian Sarge (stable) installed 
> and I'm not sure but I don't think this card is supported. LSPCI doesn't show 
> anything different when I put the card in, but this is a cardbus card. Will 
> lspci list a cardbus card?
> I have my eye on a d-link dwl-g630 card 
I already have that wireless card (dwl-g630 / chipset atheros), the only
thing that i did  was  : 
make kernel compilation (debian-style)
compile madwifi driver
ifconfig ath0 up
and it works fine 

i'm not sure if supports monitor mode.


> but I don't know if I would have 
> better luck with that card or not. How can I tell what card is supported by 
> debian so i don't buy an unsupported card?
César Ulloa R.

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