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Re: Wireless network card

Also sprach Alan Ianson <agianson@shaw.ca> (Wed, 24 Aug 2005 09:27:31
> Hello List,

> I would like to get wireless access working on my laptop, an hp
> pavilion  ze4400. When I bought the laptop it was running windows with
> a 3com  3crshpw196 that was working, but now I have debian Sarge

Don't know this card / this lappi.

> (stable) installed  and I'm not sure but I don't think this card is
> supported. LSPCI doesn't show  anything different when I put the card
> in, but this is a cardbus card. Will  lspci list a cardbus card?

It schould show up. You schould at least be able to see it in lspci -
even it's not supported. Is hotplug (pccardd) running?
> I have my eye on a d-link dwl-g630 card but I don't know if I would
> have  better luck with that card or not. How can I tell what card is
> supported by  debian so i don't buy an unsupported card?

There are various chips which are supported. atheros for example with
the madwifi driver. Anyway, this card is not natively supported in
debian since it requires an closed source HAL - not free enough for
debian. So, for some cards you'll still have to build the kernelmodules

IIRC the linux kernel has buildin support for some cards with prism

Some cards have a so called "soft-mac" - AFAIK these cards are not
supported. Keep away from them (If it's possible to identify these at

google for "linux wireless" to get more information about supported

sl ritch

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