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Re: Hotplug vs. cardmgr (was: Anyone using Prism54?)

* Bill Moseley <moseley@hank.org> [2004 Dec 09 17:38 -0600]:
> On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 07:13:06AM -0600, Nate Bargmann wrote:
> > I did a bit of hacking with Hotplug and my USB camera and USB stick and
> > documented it at:
> > 
> > http://www.qsl.net/n0nb/linux/debianhotplug.html
> That's helpful.  Thanks.

You're welcome.

> I looked up my camera on google and found how to get gtkam
> working which required installing gphoto2.  I spent a little time
> getting that to work.  I should have just plugged it in as all I
> needed to do is mount it.

USB storage is a wonderful thing.  :-)

> Can I ask how you manage your photos?

Yup, I've attached my short script that I invoke when I want to get the
photos.  I don't leave them on the camera and I sort them into their
own directory or add them to an existing directory.  I use the Gimp but
only to resize say to 800x600, etc.

> I was thinking about updating your hotplug script to mount the camera,
> figure out unique file names (using the jhead package) and they copy
> any new images from the camera to some standard directory on the local
> drive.  Then umount the camera.  That way all I need to do is plug
> in the camera to sync the photos.

Feel free.  It's nothing special.

> I'm also looking for any easy and fast way to (graphically) crop the
> image into a 1.33 ratio image and then scale it down to 640x480.  Gimp
> works ok, but it's a few steps and I need to do it with a bunch of
> images.
> I don't normally like file managers, but using Endeavour2's image
> browser is helpful.  Plus it's a drag-n-drop into gimp. Any other
> cool tools.  (I use icewm.)
> Anyway, I'm new to the digital photo world so I'm curious how others
> manage their photo collections on linux.

I've only had my camera since May and my collection is growing.  At
some point I'll have to burn them to a CD.  I thought the Gimp was
scriptable, but I've never gotten that deep with it.  Resizing and
cropping is about the extent of my digital photo skills.

- Nate >>

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# script to grab the pix from the camera

echo "Please enter a directory name for the pictures."

if [ -d ~/Cam/$DIRPATH ]; then
	cd ~/Cam/$DIRPATH
	mkdir ~/Cam/$DIRPATH

mv /mnt/cam/dcim/100_fuji/*.jpg /home/nate/Cam/$DIRPATH
chgrp -R nate /home/nate/Cam/$DIRPATH
chmod 664 /home/nate/Cam/$DIRPATH/*.jpg

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