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Re: Hotplug vs. cardmgr (was: Anyone using Prism54?)

* Bill Moseley <moseley@hank.org> [2004 Dec 08 06:13 -0600]:
> On Fri, Dec 03, 2004 at 03:41:18PM -0500, paul wrote:
> > thx, i have been perplexed with hotplug as of late and was curious.
> So can anyone explain how hotplug and cardmgr (pcmcia_cs) seem to both
> work?  My old Aironet card still works, and that was all setup with my
> pcmcia scripts.  But the WG511 card also works and that's handled with
> hotplug.  Seems like it should be a conflict between the two systems.

I'm not sure of how cardmgr and hotplug work together, but they do.  I
have a Linksys A-G card (WPC55AG) that hotplug picks up and loads the
kernel modules just fine.  Disable cardmgr and hotplug doesn't do
anything.  This is on a 2.4.26 Debian kernel.

I did a bit of hacking with Hotplug and my USB camera and USB stick and
documented it at:


I have some more to add about my wireless card when a get a Round Tuit

- Nate >>

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