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Re: Centrino CpuFreq

On Thursday 09 December 2004 23:43, Dieter Jäger wrote:

> I found a similar issue when I accidently loaded the "wrong" cpufreq 
> driver for P4 with powernowd. Suddenly /proc/cpuinfo showed frequencies 
> down to 200 MHz (the Bogomips also went down).
> So I searched a little bit. People seem to think that those 600Mhz is 
> kind of hardcoded to the Centrino chipset. Taking a closer look to the 
> Intel Docu I found that the Intel specifications seem to be merely 
> recommendations. Other combinations of Frequency and Voltage are 
> possible. The docu regarding voltages clearly shows that there are 
> voltages possible other than those in the Freq/Voltage table.
> I got curious and played around a little bit: On my centrino I could 
> lower the frequency down to 100 Mhz. Lower frequencies caused the 
> cpuinfo display to be messed, but frequency down to 100Mhz seem to be 
> stable. To be clear: Those tricks are not official language! But my accu 
> now works conspiciously longer :-)
> I do not know wether this can cause some damage so I cannot recommend 
> doing such things.
> Best regards
>    Dieter Jäger

I am very interested. Please provide a clue to how you did.
Regards, Anders Breindahl.

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