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Doesn't *somebody* have the patched Orinoco drivers?

Okay.... I've been wanting to try AirSnort, Kismet, and a few auto-wlan-detect-and-confgure apps for some time, but I've got a Dell TrueMobile 1150, which uses the orinoco driver.

The orinoco driver in the stock Debian kernels, so it seems, does not support "monitor" mode, which is needed for all of these nifty tools to do their job.

Now, there is a *patch* available (http://airsnort.shmoo.com/orinocoinfo.html) for the pcmcia-cs modules and also you can get the orinoco driver all by itself (http://www.nongnu.org/orinoco/).

Problem is, even when I follow the directions, download the full kernel source, copy the config for my kernel from /boot, symlink /lib/modules/<version>/build to point to the kernel source in /usr/src, I still get tons of unfound include files, etc....

Whenever I try to do anything involving self-compiled kernels or modules, it usually takes me a week of frustration and then I give up.

But the orinoco drivers are so popular that I'd think *somebody* must have compiled versions of them somewhere...

... anybody?

- Joe

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