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Hotplug vs. cardmgr (was: Anyone using Prism54?)

On Fri, Dec 03, 2004 at 03:41:18PM -0500, paul wrote:
> thx, i have been perplexed with hotplug as of late and was curious.

Damn, me too.  I followed the suggestion here how to get Prism54
working and it just worked.  (I just plugged in a new USB digital
camera and it also just worked using hotplug.)  It's like magic. Now I
don't know my machine as well as I did.

So can anyone explain how hotplug and cardmgr (pcmcia_cs) seem to both
work?  My old Aironet card still works, and that was all setup with my
pcmcia scripts.  But the WG511 card also works and that's handled with
hotplug.  Seems like it should be a conflict between the two systems.

Bill Moseley

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