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Re: Anyone using Prism54?

On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 06:54:27AM GMT, Bill Moseley 
<moseley@hank.org> incoherently babbled:

> I'm looking for an overview of how to setup the prism54 drivers.
> I've got a netgear wg511 card.
> There's a wiki entry about debian at:
>   http://prism54.org/phpwiki?pagename=Prism54%20Debian%20HowTo
> I have a 2.6.5 kernel and it does have a PRISM54 kernel config option.
> So I'm not clear what or if anything needs to be downloaded from 
> http://prism54.org/download/ -- seems like I may if I want to use the
> prism54 1.2 or cvs versions.
> Anyone installed the prism54 drivers lately?

I have the 3Com 11g Office Connect PCMCIA card which uses the prism54
driver as well.

The instructions to setup are easy and listed on http://www.prism54.org

Make sure you have the required packages (hotplug, wireless tools, etc)

All you do is download the firmware (see http://www.prism54.org for a
link), put it into /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/

Take a precompiled or custom compiled kernel (I use 2.6 kernels which
have the prism54 driver since 2.6.6, no idea about the 2.4 series),
check it's config (/boot/config-$kernel-ver if it's a packaged kernel)
to ensure the following lines are set:


Once they are and you have a prism54 module (or the driver built in)
loaded, you have a standard ethX which you can configure with
/etc/network/interfaces (see /usr/share/doc/wireless-tools/ for more


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