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Re: pcmcia

Curt Howland <Howland@priss.com> writes:
> I didn't say Sarge, I said Testing. He said Testing. Once Sarge is 
> branched off, Testing will become completely unreliable and remain so 
> for an unpredictable period.

That is a big exaggeration.  For me testing has been quite reliable,
with the odd problem every month or so, most of which are easily fixed
(nothing too serious, I never had a data loss or an unbootable machine,
the most serious and difficult to fix was fonts looking ugly in Mozilla).
And I'm using it ever since it exists.

> Unstable has the latest kernels, which I took from his note to be a 
> prerequisite. It also works quite well. It's "unstable" aspect merely 
> means that updates aught to be done carefully and manually. If it 
> doesn't work well for you, such is life.

A much more workable approach is to use testing by default and
to update to unstable or hold back those packages that have problems.


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