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Re: pcmcia


First of all, "testing" is not really a distribution to trust. There 
are always things going on that sometimes mean things don't work.

If you have a non-pcmcia network connection available go back to zero 
and install "Unstable" if you want the latest kernels. Autodetection 
for pcmcia is working well so once you are successfully booting 2.6 
you should see pcmcia services being detected and installed. *Then* 
insert your wireless card and watch the console messages and dmesg to 
see what goes on and how it is registered.

Don't forget the wireless tools package so iwconfig is available.


On Tuesday 26 October 2004 07:16, Tom Allison was heard to say:
> It's been a few years and I've reinstalled my notebook with debian
> testing + Kernal 2.6.  But I don't think what I used to do with
> pcmcia is the best practice anymore.  I did everything through
> custom kernels and lots of compiling.
> My wireless NIC isn't recognized when inserted and I'm not sure
> what the right package is to install anymore for pcmcia support.
> help?
> (sorry for posting on two lists, but I'm not getting any emails
> from either in 24 hours, which is more than a little strange)

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