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Re: noflushd: making/having drives spin down.


On Tuesday 06 January 2004 12:07, Yves Rutschle wrote:
> Normally you should also be able to set up so that the
> laptop goes automatically to sleep when running out of
> power. With this setting, the only way to actually kill the
> computer is to let the battery run out, then let the laptop
> alone for a couple of months until the battery runs so low
> even "hibernate" dies (it does eventually, on my T420).

uhm .. just to be clear about terminology:

are you talking about "suspend-to-ram" or "suspend-to-disk"? Concerning the 
former, it will take only days at best until your notebook batteries are 
completely empty, and even this presumes their power level is fairly high 
when suspending to ram and pulling the plug. At least in my experience..

If you meant "hibernation" as in suspend-to-disk this means roughly that your 
working memory gets written to disk. Upon resuming the BIOS reads from a 
special hibernation partition or a hibernation file, writes its contents back 
to the memory and returns control back to the operating system. There's no 
way that "hibernate dies" unless you use a hammer to awaken your lappy or 
Magneto from X-Men is mad about you - because the memory contents are 
physically manifested on your harddisk. This method's advantage is _exactly_ 
its independence from having power available or not.

Sorry if this is too OT by now. ;)

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