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Re: noflushd: making/having drives spin down.

On Tue, 2004-01-06 at 18:03, Mike Mestnik wrote:
> I think I am using journalling, as it's a laptop it's more likely to
> suddenly loose power.

What!  My laptop comes with a _built-in_ _UPS_ - only _one_ of the guys
in the office with a _desktop_ machine can boast that one, _his_ UPS
only runs for 40 minutes or so anyway.  And it doesn't come with that
handy taskbar monitor applet to warn him it's running low on juice.

If you are running low on battery you get plenty of warning to shut
down, and you _certainly_ are a lot more resilient to the "toddler yanks
plug" problem that my youngest is only recently growing out of.

My personal record uptime for my laptop is 79 days (not including time
suspended to RAM).  That's three months elapsed, and included two
international trips, several national ones, and the endless daily back
and forth to the office.  That also includes plenty of hotplugging of
mice, network cards, cameras and hard drives.  It stopped when my son
pressed the off button.

Of course I still do have journalling enabled, but I'm lucky that the
Travelstar drives seem to be a lot quieter than whatever it is you have
in that Dell.

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