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Re: noflushd: making/having drives spin down.

--- Yves Rutschle <debian.anti-spam@rutschle.net> wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 06, 2004 at 10:40:08PM +1300, Andrew McMillan wrote:
> > If you are running low on battery you get plenty of warning to shut
> > down, and you _certainly_ are a lot more resilient to the "toddler yanks
> > plug" problem that my youngest is only recently growing out of.
> Normally you should also be able to set up so that the
> laptop goes automatically to sleep when running out of
> power. With this setting, the only way to actually kill the
> computer is to let the battery run out, then let the laptop
> alone for a couple of months until the battery runs so low
> even "hibernate" dies (it does eventually, on my T420).
> /Y
Runn Awayy!
I hated laptops thinking for them selves and going to sleep when I wanted to work, this happened
in windows.  Fact is the solution is sound and has been in use for ages as a so called screen
saver.  Where the use input devices where monitored for inactivity, not if NSP was going to cut
the power due to lack of payments or some other god like force(including small children).

Firstly laptops are more likely to loose power due to spending most of there 'useful' lives
unplugged.  It's much more likely for a battery to die than any of the events mention in my first

YES, I'd like my laptop to be useful up until the vary moment that electron movement cannot
sustain it any longer.  It should be as if it where to be used in times of war %199 availability.

It's unclear however whether some small children do act under the influence of god.  It is
important to mention that these view points are not shared by all or any one for that matter.

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