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Re: Acer TM 803 and fan noise

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> However, I'd be interested to know why you chose cpufreqd over
> cpudynd. I use cpudynd but for no particular reason. Is there
> anything that makes cpufreqd actually superior?

I looked at cpufreqd, cpudyn and powernowd.

Powernowd is intentionally limited in its scope, as stated in its README file.

Cpudyn only sets the CPU state (powersave or performance), but not the
frequency. Also, it does not take into account whether the machine is on mains
or on battery.

Cpufreqd is very versatile, and at first its configuration looks complex. It
really makes sense, though, with its clean separation of profiles and rules.
Maybe the fact that Mattia Dongili seems to be Italian helps, too. :^)

Thanks for a well done job, Mattia!

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