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Re: Debian, 2.6 kernel and WIFI card on laptop ?


> Here I have an ACER TM803 laptop running perfectly except one thing:
> I use a Debian SID GNU/Linux with a vanilla 2.6.0 kernel. All has been
> done accordingly to advice I receive here and there. It has support for
> PCMCIA devices, Wireless and orinoco support. So I am using a wireless
> driver from the kernel since it worked pretty well under 2.4.x for me.
> Problem is that when inserting the card, first I don't ear any 'bip'
> sound as it used to do. Then the card is no longer able to connect to
> the AP (also by linksys).
> Have anyone any clue I could follow to (at last) have this working ?

	Well... I think something is broken. I have a similar setup and my orinoco 
card doesnt work with 2.6.0 AND acpi. When I insert the card I get the error 
"Unknow Method: RequestIRQ" on syslog.  My "wired" pcmcia 8139 wotks fine. I 
try the mm2 patch and it works but since it broken other things I give it up.

> P.S: my /etc/init.d/pcmcia script file contains now a 'exit 0' at the
> top since I was told that PCMCIA and kernel 2.6.0 was no good. I only
> now use hotplug stuff as recommended.

	Hm... I´m not aware of that. 

Christian Lyra


  Thus spake the master programmer: 
  ``You can demonstrate a program for a corporate executive, but you can't 
make him computer literate.'' 
						The Tao Of Programing

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