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Re: Wireless speed

On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, Daniel Pittman typed something of the following sort:

> > 7 to 8 PCs (Win flavors).
> > 1 server (Debian Linux)
> Oh. That's really small. :)

Yah.:)  The students get a lab.  The teachers get desks, in a rented
building, which requires fire-rated Cat 5, which the school does not want
to buy and install, particularly if they have to move.
So the teachers get wireless, and the students get wires.  Seems wrong,
some how.:)

> For that range, buy Cisco wireless cards. ;)

Well, if I have too.:)

> Seriously, though, make sure that you have high power (100mW) cards for
> the people at the far end, or the budget for a wire and a second
> wireless access point.

Think we can go with the latter--it should be an almost straight run to
acomplish that, except for a run to the second floor in a stairwell, which
should make life a heck of alot easier, than trying to cable the entire

> > I do not know enough about the 802.11 spec currently, to be sure of
> > how this should all function--I need to find some introductory docs on
> > the protocol, topologies, and so on, I suppose. This is ecentially a

Anyone have suggestions for the latter?  I'll start playing with google in
a bit, but shortcuts are welcome.

> *nod* It's not that hard. The first thing to look out for are that you
> *test* access everywhere, as you may discover wireless "dead spots"
> hidden where you least expect them.

I was going to get a card for the Thinkpad anyway.

Thanks for the info and advice.



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