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problems with dhclient and IPADDR

Hi all -

I have a Sony VAIO srx87 with debian installed on it for about a year
now.  I've had no problems with it until I decided to do an apt-get
upgrade.  everything looks great but my wireless ethernet card no
longer gets configured on boot.  Looking through /etc/pcmcia/network,
I see the following line

elif [-x /sbin/dhclient ]; then
  log "/sbin/dhclient $DEVICE > /dev/null 2>&1" || exit 1
elif ......


if [ -n "$IPADDR" ] ; then
log "/sbin/ifconfig ...."

i know that the script ran the dhclient and i also know that it's
never dropping into the code that runs /sbin/ifconfig.  so my question
is why isn't dhclient setting the IPADDR value?

the only way i can actually get this to work is to start up, check my
access point to see what IPs are assigned based on MAC addresses and
then manually set the IPADDR value in my script so that it actually
runs the ifconfig executable.

if anyone can help me debug this problem or explain how this happens,
i would appreciate it.

thanks in advance and please let me know if there's any info missing.


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