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Re: Wireless speed

On Mon, 8 Sep 2003, Luke Davis wrote:
> For the building in question, we're talking:
> 7 to 8 PCs (Win flavors).
> 1 server (Debian Linux)

Oh. That's really small. :)

For this, expect decent performance for anything but bulk file transfer
or editing Word documents over SMB to the file server.

> Off another card of the server, will be a wired 12-16 Win machine
> network, probably on a different subnet. There may at some point, also
> be a DSL link, on a third server card.
> The longest distance to the wireless hub, should probably be about 100
> feet, through walls and floors. However, if the signal quality is bad,
> we can maybe place a second hub on the second floor, depending upon
> ultimate topology.

For that range, buy Cisco wireless cards. ;)

Seriously, though, make sure that you have high power (100mW) cards for
the people at the far end, or the budget for a wire and a second
wireless access point.

At that sort of range you are at the edge of the marketing specification
of most 802.11 hardware, let alone the practical side. Test first, of
course, but you probably do need the second AP.

> I do not know enough about the 802.11 spec currently, to be sure of
> how this should all function--I need to find some introductory docs on
> the protocol, topologies, and so on, I suppose. This is ecentially a
> volinteer job, which is why they have me, coming into this from a
> totally wired background--this will be a real-world learning
> experience.

*nod* It's not that hard. The first thing to look out for are that you
*test* access everywhere, as you may discover wireless "dead spots"
hidden where you least expect them.

Other than that, make sure you turn on WEP. It doesn't keep your network
secure, but it does make it harder for someone to get in.


Stereotypes abound when there is distance. They are an invention, a pretense
that one knows when the steps that would make real knowing possible cannot be
taken or are not allowed.
        -- Bell Hooks

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