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Re: Wireless speed

For the building in question, we're talking:

7 to 8 PCs (Win flavors).
1 server (Debian Linux)

Off another card of the server, will be a wired 12-16 Win machine network,
probably on a different subnet.  There may at some point, also be a DSL
link, on a third server card.

The longest distance to the wireless hub, should probably be about 100
feet, through walls and floors.
However, if the signal quality is bad, we can maybe place a second hub on
the second floor, depending upon ultimate topology.

I do not know enough about the 802.11 spec currently, to be sure of how
this should all function--I need to find some introductory docs on the
protocol, topologies, and so on, I suppose.  This is ecentially a
volinteer job, which is why they have me, coming into this from a
totally wired background--this will be a real-world learning experience.


 On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, Daniel Pittman wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Sep 2003, Luke Davis wrote:
> > What about non-802.11 wireless technologies?
> Assuming that you want a LAN style environment, there isn't much that
> isn't under the 802.11 banner. the 802.11g and other fast efforts
> /might/ give you some joy, but all are pretty new.
> Last time I looked, the rest of the non-802.11[ab] stuff was for
> long-haul bridging and the like, and you were lucky to get 11MBit in
> theory.
> > Is anyone using something else, and if so: what are you getting? I'm
> > debating building a network of wireless machines for a small school,
> > where wired is impractical.
> What sort of performance do you need? Don't forget that your performance
> will be reduced rapidly as you fill the spectrum, so you will need a lot
> of access points for a large population of wireless users.
>    Daniel

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