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Re: Wireless speed

On Mon, 8 Sep 2003 22:33:01 -0500 (CDT)
"Luke Davis" <ldavis@shellworld.net> wrote:

> For the building in question, we're talking:
> 7 to 8 PCs (Win flavors).
> 1 server (Debian Linux)
> Off another card of the server, will be a wired 12-16 Win machine
> network, probably on a different subnet.  There may at some point,
> also be a DSL link, on a third server card.
> The longest distance to the wireless hub, should probably be about 100
> feet, through walls and floors.
> However, if the signal quality is bad, we can maybe place a second hub
> on the second floor, depending upon ultimate topology.

100 feet?  30ish metres?  At those distances you'd likely get a fair
signal if there were no walls, or people, or other water-retaining items
between you and the base station.  However since you're going through
all of those things, theres an excellent chance your signal will be low
to useless.

I STRONGLY recommend you install at least one line of normal cat5e
ethernet between the two access points...  the cable can be pin-clipped
and slip-tied out of the way, or if presentation is important, some
plastic box capping is about $6 NZ ($3 US) for a 4 metre length.  Suck
it and see sounds like your best answer.

> I do not know enough about the 802.11 spec currently, to be sure of
> how this should all function--I need to find some introductory docs on
> the protocol, topologies, and so on, I suppose.  This is ecentially a
> volinteer job, which is why they have me, coming into this from a
> totally wired background--this will be a real-world learning
> experience.

Borrow some kit from a friendly supplier on a "if it doesn't work you
can return it at no cost/if it works we buy it" arrangement.

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