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Re: Wireless speed

On Mon, 8 Sep 2003, Luke Davis wrote:
> What about non-802.11 wireless technologies? 

Assuming that you want a LAN style environment, there isn't much that
isn't under the 802.11 banner. the 802.11g and other fast efforts
/might/ give you some joy, but all are pretty new.

Last time I looked, the rest of the non-802.11[ab] stuff was for
long-haul bridging and the like, and you were lucky to get 11MBit in

> Is anyone using something else, and if so: what are you getting? I'm
> debating building a network of wireless machines for a small school,
> where wired is impractical.

What sort of performance do you need? Don't forget that your performance
will be reduced rapidly as you fill the spectrum, so you will need a lot
of access points for a large population of wireless users.


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