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Re: Toshiba T1910CS power problem

Bill writes:

> Batteries can fail in different ways.  I replaced both the batteries
> in my Toshiba when I had to reset the date every time I rebooted.

Hi Bill,

   Thank you for your input.

   I replaced the RTC battery with a battery from that battery-only
place. Its part number is ML2430-WR.

   The results were the same after replacing the battery and turning
the computer on, however. But during this time I did not have the CMOS
battery plugged in, so I plugged it in and the machine behaved
erratically for a few plug-in/out cycles but then managed to power on
and stay on. I did not have the LCD screen plugged in during that
trial, however, so just how well into the boot cycle it proceeded is a
mystery, as I did try after plugging the screen in but the results
were as before.

   My next step is to replace the CMOS battery although it may be
sometime before I am able to purchase a new one. The theory here is
that because the old CMOS battery was not plugged in for sometime and
then plugged in, the computer sensed it had some electricity and so
booted-up. But after a little while plugged in, the computer drained
the CMOS' battery and so it behaved as before.


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