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Re: Toshiba T1910CS power problem

Elizabeth wrote:

>    But I am unaware of any other internal battery. Do you know where
> it may be located and what it may look like?

   It is a silver, disc battery enclosed in a plastic encasing that
presses two leads up tight against the battery. This battery is
located under the top circuit board near the back of the computer. It
connects to the top circuit board via a wire that crosses underneath
the board toward the front of the unit and onto the top with a red and
black cable plugging into a two-lead jumper labeled PJ2.

Markings on the battery proper:

Toshiba, Made in Japan
VG2430 Lithium Battery VG2430 Rechargeable

Red/Black wires are hooked correctly to the battery. It is probably
the RTC battery.


14   P000184480   NI-MH BATTERY          SUB BATTERY             P71007001031
15   P000180060   V-LI BATTERY           RTC BATTERY             P71008001016

Part 14 would be what I found earlier and this is 15 (it has a sticker
on it that says "LI").

From: http://www.partsolver.com/Product.asp?InventoryID=334659&SubstitutePart=False&ModelManufacturer=Toshiba&ModelNumber=2150CDS

Model Manufacturer:  Toshiba
Model Number:  2150CDS [this is another laptop model -ed]
Name:  3 volt Lithium Rechargeable CMOS battery
Description:  Rechargeable coin cell with wire and connector.

   Anyway, I tried re-starting the computer without this battery but
it is still behaving the same way. On one other computer, a desktop,
removing the dead CMOS battery allowed the machine to boot up as where
with the dead CMOS battery it didn't come on at all.

   Is it possible that the failure of the laptop to boot-up is a
result of having no electricity from one of the two internal batteries
and that by removing the connection I am not making much of a
difference in that the connection was dead anyway? And that by
replacing one or both of the batteries the machine may begin working?

Thank you,

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