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Re: Toshiba T1910CS power problem

On Wed, Sep 03, 2003 at 12:48:45AM -0500, Elizabeth Barham wrote:
> Elizabeth wrote:
>    Anyway, I tried re-starting the computer without this battery but
> it is still behaving the same way. On one other computer, a desktop,
> removing the dead CMOS battery allowed the machine to boot up as where
> with the dead CMOS battery it didn't come on at all.
>    Is it possible that the failure of the laptop to boot-up is a
> result of having no electricity from one of the two internal batteries
> and that by removing the connection I am not making much of a
> difference in that the connection was dead anyway? And that by
> replacing one or both of the batteries the machine may begin working?
> Thank you,
> Elizabeth
Batteries can fail in different ways.  I replaced both the batteries in 
my Toshiba when I had to reset the date every time I rebooted.

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