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Re: Toshiba T1910CS power problem

On Wed, Sep 03, 2003 at 05:35:51PM -0500, Elizabeth Barham
> The theory here is that because the old CMOS battery was
> not plugged in for sometime and then plugged in, the
> computer sensed it had some electricity and so booted-up.
> But after a little while plugged in, the computer drained
> the CMOS' battery and so it behaved as before.

While having nothing to add to other people's suggestions, I
don't think this theory is a valid one; CMOS battery is
really only used to power the real time clock (to keep the
time on the computer when no other power source is
available). It's not normally used for anything else, let
alone power a full computer. In particular, starting up a
hard drive requires currents that a CMOS battery would be
unable to deliver.


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