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Toshiba T1910CS power problem


   I'm having a strange problem with my T1910CS laptop in that it is
having difficulty powering on. Symptoms:

    1) When the AC Adapter is used, the green DC-IN light is steady,
       which means its okay, but

       +) If the battery is in, or
       +) I try to start it (see 2),

       then the DC-IN light will flash, which means the computer is
       not receiving enough electricty.

    2) When I try to turn the computer on it starts for generally the
       briefest amount of time and then goes right back off. After
       this the DC-IN light blinks for sure (although if the battery
       is in it goes off soon after it recognizes the battery).

       The weird thing about this, however, is that if I keep trying
       to start the computer over-and-over again in rapid sucession
       for a rather lengthy period of time (like 10-15 minutes) in
       that I almost instantly hit the power button each time it fails
       to power up, it works. In fact, each time I do the rapid
       re-start power-up method, the computer seems to stay on a bit
       longer each time. Eventually it passes some threshold and
       "catches" and remains on.

   Are these symptoms anyone recognizes? I do not want to keep hitting
"on/off" for 15 minutes to use the laptop!

   Thank you,

                                                     T1910 Toshiba Laptop

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