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Re: mail synchronisation between laptop and desktop

On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 09:39:00AM -0400, mike dentifrice wrote:
> criggie said:
> > Maildir would be a beautiful solution - because each email is a uniquely
> > numbered file inside a directory structure.  Any of the two-way sync
> > programs should be able to deal with that.  Why do you not want to
> > switch to maildir format?  Its relatively easy too.
> Seems to be easy enough, indeed. Till now, I've been reluctant to use
> Maildir because of disk-space issues (Maildir is a great inode eater!),
> and because my whole mail system (mutt, postfix, procmail) is configured
> for mbox (and I have a lot of these folders).

Its worth it.  

offlineimap works so well its worth switching to Maildirs.  

You don't need to change to Maildir on the server (which is where
you run postfix and procmail I assume).  But if you do change on
the server then .procmailrc changes are trivial.

sam clegg
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