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iBook WLAN


after I saw some iBooks on the Linuxdays at Karlsruhe, I descided to buy one
by myself. Because I don't want to be dependant of a cable, I descided to
use the built-in AirPort.
Now I have 2 questions:
1. Does the AirPort run on linux or should i use another card?
2. Because I don't have another WLAN card on one of my PCs, i thought buying
an access point would be fine, as soon there will be more laptops in my
family. But the apple access point costs 400 EUR which is extremely
expensive compared to an standard access point e.g. from Snogard.de
(cheapest is 209 EUR). So my question is, if it is possible without too much
of effort?

Sorry if I am off topic (am I?).

Greetings and thx in advance, Johannes

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