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Re: iBook WLAN

If you think AP is alot more expensive you can buy a cheap ( any kind )
Prism2 driver card to replace the AP. (In PC) the Driver work find and
it work both way as a access point or client.

J. Volkmann :

>after I saw some iBooks on the Linuxdays at Karlsruhe, I descided to buy one
>by myself. Because I don't want to be dependant of a cable, I descided to
>use the built-in AirPort.
>Now I have 2 questions:
>1. Does the AirPort run on linux or should i use another card?
>2. Because I don't have another WLAN card on one of my PCs, i thought buying
>an access point would be fine, as soon there will be more laptops in my
>family. But the apple access point costs 400 EUR which is extremely
>expensive compared to an standard access point e.g. from Snogard.de
>(cheapest is 209 EUR). So my question is, if it is possible without too much
>of effort?
>Sorry if I am off topic (am I?).
>Greetings and thx in advance, Johannes

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