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Re: iBook WLAN

J. Volkmann a écrit, dimanche 9 juin 2002, à 21:46 :
> Hello,


> [...]
> 2. Because I don't have another WLAN card on one of my PCs, i thought buying
> an access point would be fine, as soon there will be more laptops in my
> family. But the apple access point costs 400 EUR which is extremely
> expensive compared to an standard access point e.g. from Snogard.de
> (cheapest is 209 EUR). 

You can buy a  pcmcia/pci adapter + WLAN card, and try  to turn it as an
AP ; see http://hostap.epitest.fi/ --- not yet tested, I've a all-in-one
3com pci  airconnect (158 EUR)  working between {desk,lap}top  in ad-hoc

> Greetings and thx in advance, Johannes

Jacques L'helgoualc'h

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