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Re: iBook WLAN

Hi Johannes,
	If the aircard is 802.11b compatible, you should have no problem using
it with another 802.11b compatible access point. If memory serves me
right, I don't think the iBook has a pcmcia slot, so I don't know how
you'd go with anything else other than the aircard (unless the aircard
is mini-pci and you can get another card that works with Macs: remember,
having the same interface doesn't mean they will work on macs/pcs). I
have a cisco aironet 352 with a Linksys Wireless Router and I have to
say it works wonders. It enables you to have both wireless and wired
computers connected, which is ideal while you make the transition to a
100% wireless network. Mine costs me 319$ Canadian Dollars (router

I haven't had a single problem so far in Debian / Linux.


On Sun, 2002-06-09 at 15:46, J. Volkmann wrote:
> Hello,
> after I saw some iBooks on the Linuxdays at Karlsruhe, I descided to buy one
> by myself. Because I don't want to be dependant of a cable, I descided to
> use the built-in AirPort.
> Now I have 2 questions:
> 1. Does the AirPort run on linux or should i use another card?
> 2. Because I don't have another WLAN card on one of my PCs, i thought buying
> an access point would be fine, as soon there will be more laptops in my
> family. But the apple access point costs 400 EUR which is extremely
> expensive compared to an standard access point e.g. from Snogard.de
> (cheapest is 209 EUR). So my question is, if it is possible without too much
> of effort?
> Sorry if I am off topic (am I?).
> Greetings and thx in advance, Johannes

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