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Can't boot a Toshiba Tecra 510 from any rescue floppy image in debian-30p8

I haven't tried to install Debian in a while, but I'm thinking of moving 
from Redhat/Mandrake to Debian when Woody comes out.  I used jigdo to 
form a CD for debian-30p8-i386-binary-1_NONUS.iso and first tried making 
all the floppies in idepci set but the rescue floppy wouldn't boot my 
computer.  When I put the floppy I used to install Redhat 7.3 back in 
that booted fine.  Then I tried "find | grep rescue" and made all the 
floppy options possible and none of them booted either.  I remember 
there used to be Tecra Images in Debian 2.2 (or earlier?) to prevent a 
cycling problem (related to bzImage or something like that).  But I've 
searched the net and debian.org for Woody Tecra images and I don't see 

Does anyone have an older Tecra that they are running Woody on? 

I followed a bit of the KDE 3.0/Xfree86 4.2 Debian news and at first 
I was thinking I should stay with Redhat.  But KDE is now slow as molasses 
on my Tecra and I have to run with option noaccel using Xfree 4.2 anyway 
so I'm sure 4.1 is going to be fine.  I'm going to have to switch to a 
lighter DE/WM - perhaps Rox on IceWM or WM2 (I didn't care for XFCE) - 
any advice on that front?

Thanks, Dara

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