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HTML entities in the .po files

[no need to CC me as I'm subscribed, but please keep d-l10n-ro]

On Tue,17.Mar.09, 13:11:23, Igor Stirbu wrote:
> #: ../../english/CD/vendors/vendors.CD.def:20
> msgid "Country:"
> msgstr "Ţară:"

Igor wants to update the .po files for Romanian, but the current 
translations (or only some of them?) contain html entities for the 
Romanian special characters[1]. Do we need to preserve those or can we 
just put the characters there. The Romanian pages use UTF-8 for 

[1] The special characters are: ăĂâÂîÎșȘțȚ and the „” quotes.

Dacă aveți probleme cu afișarea diacriticelor trebuie să vă actualizați
fonturile. Vedeți http://wiki.debian.org/L10N/Romanian/Lenny/Notes pentru
mai multe detalii.

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