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Re: [RFR] English debconf template review : debian/mantis.templates

Quoting sils (sils@powered-by-linux.com):

> If I update|correct the template and I'll send to the list again.. which
> is better? use the same conversation thread or open a new one, like [RFR2]?

I'd suggest sending the new template as RFR2 and as a followup to your
original message so that it fits in the same thread but a different
branch than the one we're currently in (the one that starts with my
initial followup).

Good luck reassembling the pieces, Silvia: Justin and myself made
so many suggestions..:-)... Probably start from Justin followup to my
own rewording proposal (I agree with all his improvements, as
usual)...then add tha last version of the most discussed templates.

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