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[RFR] English debconf template review : debian/mantis.templates

Hi team,

I would appreciate if you have any time to review the new debconf
template for mantis package (which is not released yet).

I attach the new template.

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,


Template: mantis/webserver
Type: select
Choices: apache2
Default: apache2
_Description: Webserver to configure for Mantis:
 Please choose the web server that should be automatically configured
 to run Mantis on your system.

Template: mantis/htaccess_user
Type: string
Default: admin
_Description: Set the username for Webserver protection:
 For security reasons the shipped /admin directory needs to be
 protected with .htaccess file. The installation process is
 about to create this file automatically.
 Please enter the desired username for Webserver protection.

Template: mantis/htaccess_passwd
Type: password
_Description: Set a password for Webserver protection:
 Please enter the desired password for Webserver protection.

Template: mantis/htaccess_passwd_verification
Type: password
_Description: Retype the password for Webserver protection:
 Please retype the same password you previously entered.

Template: mantis/htaccess_password_invalid
Type: note
_Description: Provided password is invalid:
 Password mismatch or is blank. Please enter again the password.

Template: mantis/reload_webserver
Type: boolean
_Description: Webserver restart:
 Do you want to restart the webserver after installation?

Template: mantis/installation_summary
Type: note
_Description: Installation complete:
 Mantis software has been installed on your system but still may
 require further configuration.
 Please, read /usr/share/doc/mantis/README.Debian file carefully. 
 Point your browser to  http://<yourhost>/mantis/admin/install.php
 in order to install or update your database and follow the instructions. 

Template: mantis/uninstall_note
Type: note
_Description: Important uninstall note:
 Mantis database is no longer automatically removed.
 Remember to manually remove your database and user privileges.

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