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Re: [RFR] English debconf template review : debian/mantis.templates

On 05/24/2011 07:12 AM, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Here's my review.

> __Choices because some teams like "translating" webserver names. For
> instance, in French translations, I put "Apache 2".

OK! I will take care on that.

>  Template: mantis/htaccess_passwd
>  Type: password
> -_Description: Set a password for Webserver protection:
> - Please enter the desired password for Webserver protection.
> +_Description: Mantis server administration password:
> + Please enter the desired password for Mantis administration.

Let me explain... this is one of the biggest changes of mantis.

Mantis has its own set up via web application, those tools are accesible
through admin directory. Admin directory wasn't accesible in debian with
the apache configuration file, till now. Then to protect the admin
directory I found out the best way is setting up the protection during
the installation.

What we are doing on that steps is setting up the username and the
password for protect via web server the admin directory, not mantis

I hope this could clarify those steps

I have not find a clear solution to do not confuse users, the
administration is reached by the "admin" directory (exactly name), to
finally set up mantis, but what we are setting up is a protection to the
"admin" directory via web server.

There are too many "admin" .."administration" .. words, that can confuse
people and I'm doubting on that point, not sure at all how to explain
with "minimal|clear words".

May be ...

_Description: Mantis Webserver administration password:
 Please enter the desired password for *access* Mantis administration
via Webserver protection.

I know this make it recursive, but I want the clearest possible.

BTW, the others arrangement are completely clear and perfectly
applicable for each case.



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