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Re: zomg: discussion of package description

Quoting tony baldwin (tony@baldwinsoftware.com):

> Then perhaps I will be able to be useful here.
> Otherwise, all I've been able to do for the Debian project
> (which has done so much for me), is register folks
> at the door at Debconf10 in New York for 3 hrs,

Aha, then we probably met in some way.:-). I hope this is not the only
thing you did at DC10, isn't it? :-)

And we certainly met: iou probabeli rimemmebeure ze gaï ouize ze funi
akzente (which you probably hear even in things I write), though we
were a bunch of folks with funny accents over there.

> make a few wallpapers, and translated a couple of
> wiki.debian.org pages from FR to EN.
> My hacker fu is rather neonatal, so, I try to find other means
> to be of service, but, it's not always easy.
> I haven't had/taken the time to fully understand the processes here,
> and how I can constructively participate, but, I'll figure it out
> eventually.

Participating here is a very good idea. The hardest part is finding
something to improve *after* Justin reviews, sometimes..:-)

Welcome on board, Tony. Feel free to ask about unclear things in
processes and habits in the list. As often, most of the processes
aren't well described anywhere, just a couple of uses established over

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