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Re: zomg: discussion of package description

Quoting Ben Finney (ben+debian@benfinney.id.au):

> sympathise. Many non-English languages seem to take “track” as an opaque
> technical term and not bother translating it.

Except those who translate everything, of course..:-)

'track' can be 'piste' or 'titre' in fr_FR ('piste' used for
magnetic tapes and 'titre' for the individual tracks of a CD or

Sometimes 'morceau' may be used too, like in 'morceau de musique': it
would then fits the 4 tracks in a concerto, for instance, where
'titre' wouldn't be very well suited.

Yes, this is the language of those folks who pretend they invented
logic through René Descartes....:)

Still, I think that 'track' is well understood by most translators anyway.

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