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zomg: discussion of package description


today I found a package description which I consider improvable. I would
like to suggest the maintainer a rewritten and hopefully improved version.
But I am not experienced in writing english texts.


console-based libre.fm submission and radio client

ZOMG is a console-based libre.fm client written in Z-Shell.
It can submit the music tracks you play to libre.fm via the
Audioscrobbler protocol, and it can play libre.fm radio stations.
It can also submit tracks to last.fm or any compatible GNU FM site.

First attempt:

text-mode libre.fm client with submission capability to internet radios

ZOMG can play libre.fm radio stations and submit the music tracks
you play to libre.fm, last.fm or any compatible GNU FM site.


SD: I consider xxx-based a bad habit. Not having investigated deeper, I
suppose the purpose of a internet radio client is listening and upload
an additional feature

LD: The original's first sentence partly repeats the headline. Therefore
this part is redundant. The average, prospective user wants to know what
the program can do for him and not how it is implemented.
Seperate paragraphs for sentences with related  information (submission
to different internet radios) don't make sense.

Not adressed yet:
Another translator wondered how to translate track. For me it is plausible,
that track is short for the sound file plus metadata.

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