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Re: Bug#513626: Improved configuration for DynDNS users

Quoting Torsten Landschoff (t.landschoff@gmx.net):

> How about (rough, brainstorming-mode draft):
> Template: ddclient/fetchhosts
> Type: select
> Default: from list
> Choices: from list, manually
> _Description: Selection method for updated names?

You should not use interrogative form for select/multiselect.

_Description: Selection method for updated names:

>  You'll have to select the names to update using ddclient below. You 
>  can select names to update from a list (taken from your DynDNS account) 
>  or enter them dynamically.

"below" makes reference to the interface, which is discouraged. On
some interfaces, the long description is not "below".

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