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Re: Bug#513626: Improved configuration for DynDNS users

On Wed, Feb 04, 2009 at 02:54:35PM +0000, Justin B Rye wrote:
> >> +Template: ddclient/fetchhosts
> >> +Type: boolean
> >> +Default: true
> >> +_Description: Automatically fetch list of hosts to choose from?
> >> + Select this to see a list of your account's hostnames to select which to update.
> > 
> > _Description: Automatically fetch list of hosts to choose from?
> >  Please choose whether the list host names managed with your account
> >  should be fetched to allow you to choose which one(s) to update.
> >
> > Rationale:
> > - the synopsis could be better, maybe
> > - "your account's hostnames" might not be easy to understand if people
> >   are loosely aware that one can manage multiple host names under one
> >   account.
> Indeed.  List of _hosts_?  Until I'd seen the bugreport, reading
> the templates left me baffled as to what this was offering to do.
> Are all the different hostnames alternative names for a single PC,
> or names for several machines on my LAN, or what?  When should I
> expect the choosing to happen - will it be the next question, or
> will it happen once a week, or what?  And what is it exactly that's
> going to be updated, and when?  It doesn't mean "you can now choose
> which ones should immediately be updated", it means "you will soon
> choose which ones should be kept updated from now on", right?

Right. Without already knowing what that template was about, I'd have 
a hard time to decipher the message as well. Also the question seems 
to be a bit indirect, asking the user if he wants the system to fetch 
a list of hosts, while he actually decides between entering the hosts
manually and have the system show the possible selections.

How about (rough, brainstorming-mode draft):

Template: ddclient/fetchhosts
Type: select
Default: from list
Choices: from list, manually
_Description: Selection method for updated names?
 You'll have to select the names to update using ddclient below. You 
 can select names to update from a list (taken from your DynDNS account) 
 or enter them dynamically.

- Concentrates on "names" as we are talking about the "dynamic domain 
  naming service". Not sure if this is better than "host names".
- Makes it more clear that the system can help the user by showing the 
  available (host) names.

> If I've understood what's going on, I'd suggest:
>   _Description: Fetch list of host names?
>    The next question will be about the host name(s) that should be kept
>    updated. Please choose whether you want to select from a downloaded
>    list of the host names managed via your DynDNS account.
> (Should there also be a line explaining what will happen if you
> choose "no"?)

Exactly. My proposal makes that clear. Apart from that, the user can 
always only select from names managed by his account. The difference is 
only if that list is displayed for that selection or not.

> >> +Template: ddclient/hostslist
> >> +Type: multiselect
> >> +Choices: ${choices}
> >> +_Description: Please select the hostnames you would like to keep updated
> >> + Select one or more hosts to update using ddclient
> > 
> > _Description: Host names to update:
> >  Please choose, among the list of host names managed under your
> >  account, the ones that should be updated with ddclient.
> AIUI ddclient doesn't update hosts, or even hostnames, and it won't
> do it just once; it maintains the online server's DNS records so
> that the selected name is always assigned to your current address.
> How about:
>   _Description: Host names to keep updated:
>    The list of host names managed via your DynDNS account has been
>    downloaded. Please choose the the one(s) that ddclient should
>    take care of.
> (Any ideas for a clear and concise way of expressing exactly what it
> is that's kept updated?)

I think we should emphasize that all selected names will be updated 
from the address pointing to the local node (or that is the intent 
of running ddclient). Therefore I would expect that most users select
exactly one host.

My 0.02 €.


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