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Re: Bug#513626: Improved configuration for DynDNS users

Christian Perrier wrote:
> (dle users, see the discussion in bug #513626. We just reviewed
> ddclient's templates but that enhancement has been proposed in
> parallel and I proposed a review of new debconf templates)
> I propose:
> _Description: Find public IP address using checkip.dyndns.com?
>  Please choose whether ddclient should try to find the IP address of
>  this machine through DynDNS web interface. This is recommended for
>  machines that are using Network Address Translation.

s/through/via/g, and in this case say "via the DynDNS web interface".
>> +Template: ddclient/fetchhosts
>> +Type: boolean
>> +Default: true
>> +_Description: Automatically fetch list of hosts to choose from?
>> + Select this to see a list of your account's hostnames to select which to update.
> _Description: Automatically fetch list of hosts to choose from?
>  Please choose whether the list host names managed with your account
>  should be fetched to allow you to choose which one(s) to update.
> Rationale:
> - the synopsis could be better, maybe
> - "your account's hostnames" might not be easy to understand if people
>   are loosely aware that one can manage multiple host names under one
>   account.

Indeed.  List of _hosts_?  Until I'd seen the bugreport, reading
the templates left me baffled as to what this was offering to do.
Are all the different hostnames alternative names for a single PC,
or names for several machines on my LAN, or what?  When should I
expect the choosing to happen - will it be the next question, or
will it happen once a week, or what?  And what is it exactly that's
going to be updated, and when?  It doesn't mean "you can now choose
which ones should immediately be updated", it means "you will soon
choose which ones should be kept updated from now on", right?

> - maybe mention "your DynDNS account" if this is specific to
>   DynDNS...to make it clearer that the account we're talking about is
>   the account on the dynamic DNS service provider
> - hostname--host name : I indeed don't remember if we already settled
> onthat one..:-)

There should never be a space in "username", but even "whatis
hostname" refers to "the system's host name".

If I've understood what's going on, I'd suggest:

  _Description: Fetch list of host names?
   The next question will be about the host name(s) that should be kept
   updated. Please choose whether you want to select from a downloaded
   list of the host names managed via your DynDNS account.

(Should there also be a line explaining what will happen if you
choose "no"?)
>> +Template: ddclient/hostslist
>> +Type: multiselect
>> +Choices: ${choices}
>> +_Description: Please select the hostnames you would like to keep updated
>> + Select one or more hosts to update using ddclient
> _Description: Host names to update:
>  Please choose, among the list of host names managed under your
>  account, the ones that should be updated with ddclient.

AIUI ddclient doesn't update hosts, or even hostnames, and it won't
do it just once; it maintains the online server's DNS records so
that the selected name is always assigned to your current address.
How about:

  _Description: Host names to keep updated:
   The list of host names managed via your DynDNS account has been
   downloaded. Please choose the the one(s) that ddclient should
   take care of.

(Any ideas for a clear and concise way of expressing exactly what it
is that's kept updated?)

>> +Template: ddclient/blankhostslist
>> +Type: note
>> +_Description: Hosts list blank, possible incorrect login information.
>> + The fetched hosted list is blank.  This can be caused by the following:
>> + .
>> +  * An incorrect username or password was entered
>> +  * You do not have any hostnames configured in your account
>> + .
>> + Please check your account to be sure you have hostnames configured, then run
>> + "dpkg-reconfigure ddclient" to input your username and password again.
> Type: error
> _Description: Empty host list
>  The list of host names managed under your account is empty when
>  retrieved from the dynamic DNS service website.


>  You may have provided an incorrect username or password or no
>  host name is configured in your account.

   You may have provided an incorrect username or password, or the
   online account may have no host names configured.

JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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