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Re: Bug#513626: Improved configuration for DynDNS users

Quoting Dan McCombs (dmccombs@dyndns.com):
> Package: ddclient
> Version: 3.7.3-4
> Attached is a patch that modifies the package installation scripts for
> ddclient to simplify the configuration process when selecting DynDNS as
> the service.

(dle users, see the discussion in bug #513626. We just reviewed
ddclient's templates but that enhancement has been proposed in
parallel and I proposed a review of new debconf templates)

> --- ddclient-3.7.3/debian/ddclient.templates	2009-01-29 09:38:35.000000000 -0500
> +++ ddclient-3.7.3-dyndns/debian/ddclient.templates	2009-01-29 09:38:26.000000000 -0500
> @@ -38,6 +38,13 @@
>  _Description: Password for dynamic DNS service:
>   Enter the password you use to log into the dynamic DNS service.
> +Template: ddclient/checkip
> +Type: boolean
> +Default: true
> +_Description: Find public IP using checkip.dyndns.com? (Recommended)
> + Enable this to have ddclient find your IP via the web, recommended
> + if this machine is behind a NAT.
> +

I propose:

_Description: Find public IP address using checkip.dyndns.com?
 Please choose whether ddclient should try to find the IP address of
 this machine through DynDNS web interface. This is recommended for
 machines that are using Network Address Translation.

- avoid "Recommended" in synopsis
- use our standard "Please choose" formula for boolean templates in
  such situation
- Avoid acronym-only explanations

>  Template: ddclient/interface
>  Type: string
>  _Description: Interface used for dynamic DNS service:
> @@ -73,3 +80,26 @@
>   this. Maybe you modified the configuration file manually, thus it won't
>   be modified. If you want a new config file to be created, please run
>   "dpkg-reconfigure ddclient".
> +
> +Template: ddclient/fetchhosts
> +Type: boolean
> +Default: true
> +_Description: Automatically fetch list of hosts to choose from?
> + Select this to see a list of your account's hostnames to select which to update.
> +

_Description: Automatically fetch list of hosts to choose from?
 Please choose whether the list host names managed with your account
 should be fetched to allow you to choose which one(s) to update.

- the synopsis could be better, maybe
- "your account's hostnames" might not be easy to understand if people
  are loosely aware that one can manage multiple host names under one
- maybe mention "your DynDNS account" if this is specific to
  DynDNS...to make it clearer that the account we're talking about is
  the account on the dynamic DNS service provider
- hostname--host name : I indeed don't remember if we already settled
onthat one..:-)

> +Template: ddclient/hostslist
> +Type: multiselect
> +Choices: ${choices}
> +_Description: Please select the hostnames you would like to keep updated
> + Select one or more hosts to update using ddclient

_Description: Host names to update:
 Please choose, among the list of host names managed under your
 account, the ones that should be updated with ddclient.

(not perfect....native pseakers can do better, imho..:-))... The main
point is avoiding the "Please select" in the synopsis.

> +
> +Template: ddclient/blankhostslist
> +Type: note
> +_Description: Hosts list blank, possible incorrect login information.
> + The fetched hosted list is blank.  This can be caused by the following:
> + .
> +  * An incorrect username or password was entered
> +  * You do not have any hostnames configured in your account
> + .
> + Please check your account to be sure you have hostnames configured, then run
> + "dpkg-reconfigure ddclient" to input your username and password again.

Type: error
_Description: Empty host list
 The list of host names managed under your account is empty when
 retrieved from the dynamic DNS service website.
 You may have provided an incorrect username or password or no
 host name is configured in your account.
 Please check your account to be sure you have host names configured, then run
 "dpkg-reconfigure ddclient" to input your username and password again.

- use the "error" type
- Shorten the synopsis as it is recommended to treat it as a "title"
- avoid a too short list and make a simple sentence.

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