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Re: bind9 1:9.5.0.dfsg-1: Please translate debconf PO for the package bind9

Quoting LaMont Jones (lamont@debian.org):

> Yes.  as it currently sits, the pending upload for postfix is all l10n.
> I'll be reviewing the bug list tonight and seeing if there is anything
> else that should get fixed in this round, then upload this weekend.  In
> the meantime, maybe another translation or two will show up.
> lamont

> Template: bind9/start-as-user
> Type: string
> Default: bind
> _Description: User account for running the BIND9 daemon:
>  The default is to run the BIND9 daemon (named) under the 'bind'
>  user account. To use a different account, please enter the
>  appropriate username.
> Template: bind9/different-configuration-file
> Type: string
> _Description: Other startup options for named:
>  Please provide any additional options (other than username) that should
>  be passed to the BIND9 daemon (named) on startup.
> Template: bind9/run-resolvconf
> Type: boolean
> Default: false
> _Description: Should resolv.conf settings be overridden?
>  If this machine moves around, should the resolver be forced to use the
>  local BIND9 daemon (named) rather than what the current connection
>  recommends?

As far as I see, the only "missing" bit is the last remark I sent
which didn't receive further comments:

You'll get a lintian warning for this one.

Having two interrogative forms in boolean templates is quite strongly

I'd suggest:

_Description: Should resolv.conf settings be overridden?
 Please choose whether the resolver should be forced to use the
 local BIND9 daemon (named) rather than what the current connection
 recommends, when this machine moves around.

Once settled, I suppose you'll send a call for updates, right (the
earlier the better).

As the former upload was processed out of NEW, it is pretty likely
that some teams might start working on the old templates, so issuing a
call for translation updates for the new templates will avoid


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