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Re: bind9 1:9.5.0.dfsg-1: Please translate debconf PO for the package bind9

LaMont, what happened with these reviewed templates ?

During last days, I've seen a bind9 upload, but it had old-style
templates with many things we actually "fixed" during this review.

So, apparently, the reviewed templates were not used.

The French team started to work on the "wrong" templates but I'd like
to know if there is a chance that you introduce the new English
version, which would obviously break all such translations.

bind9 is one of the very few packages blocking completeness for some
teams (not only French) so you'll undnerstand that I care more

If you want, I can handle a translation update round. The only thing
to confirm before is...what templates should be used. If you use a VCS
for bind9 packaging, I can volunteer to handle things out in it.

(same remarks about needed upload for l10n also apply to postfix,

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